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The Blibbering Humdingers

blibbering humdingers Let us wizard-rock the tea-towel right off of your house elf! Our brand of neo-retro, post-nihilst, comedic nerdmuisk will serve you up a rollicking good time (what-what) and leave you hungry for more.

The Blibbering Humdingers consist primarily of Scott & Kirsten Vaughan in Cary, NC. We draw our inspiration from the Harry Potter series and the wizarding world created by J. K. Rowling. We're also into all kinds of other nerdy stuff like Dungeons & Dragons, Doctor Who, medieval history, steampunk, Star Wars, Lego, Ren Faires, SCA, etc.

We play everything from old-timey, to 50s do-wop, to 80s new-wave, to straight rock. We try to keep our music pretty light-hearted and fun, poking fun at characters or situations in he HP books and movies, or turning seemingly innocent situations into lewd ones.

Though we've been singing together since 1992, we got our start doing wizard rock in 2007. Whilst searching the web for Potter-filks, we discovered Draco & the Malfoys online and shortly thereafter attended a Harry & the Potters show at a local library. After the Deathly Hallows book release that summer, we decided to try our hands at writing some of our own songs. With the online release of "Voldemort Made Me Crap My Pants" the Humdingers were born.

We mostly perform at at various HP, Filk and SciFi/Fantasy conventions including Portus, ConCarolinas, LeakyCon, Infinitus, MarsCon, OVFF, GA-Filk Dragon*Con the Quidditch World Cup, the NYC Wizard Rock Festival, and Wrockstock. We've played up and down the east coast from Boston to Orlando, and have made it as far west St. Louis. Even played at LeakyCon London in 2013 (what a thrill!). Anybody want to bring us to Seattle? San Diego? LA? Germany perhaps?

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Performance Schedule:

Want to book us for a show? We mostly travel around the mid Atlantic (200-300 mile radius around Raleigh, NC). The best way to entice us to play your convention is to cover our travel & lodging, and offer a merch table for the weekend. We also do private events and parties. Email Scott directly for rates and availability.

Date Location Details
Aug 22, 2015 Norfolk, VA Atlantis Games & Comics, 9649 1st View St with our pal Mikey Mason. Show starts at 7pm. A RSVP at the FB event.
Sep 4-7, 2015 Atlanta, GA Dragon Con 2015 - Our D*C shows this year are tentatively planned for the below times. As usual, you should check the Dragon Con App for updates:
Fri 8:00 pm (Hanover C - E - Hyatt) - nerd rock
Sat 8:30 pm (Hanover C - E - Hyatt) - nerd rock with a Harry Potter twist
Sun 5:30 pm (Baker - Hyatt) Medieval/Renaissance/SCA music
Oct 3, 2015 Chestertown, MD Chestertown Harry Potter Festival - Due to the weather, we have had to cancel our trip to Maryland. But the show is still going on with out us. It's a good time, so go, okay?
Nov 13-15, 2015 Atlanta, GA CONjuration - a weekend of magic and fun. We're playing shows and running various activities throughout the weekend
Dec 5, 2015 Chesapeake, VA Private Party. Sorry kids. We're already booked.
Dec 31, 2015 Woonsocket, RI New Year's Eve House Party and Brian Malfoy Manor. More info is available at the Facebook Event Page
Jan 15-17, 2016 Williamsburg, VA Returning once again to MarsCon! Most of the usual suspects will also be back this year, AND our pal SJ Tucker is playing too! W00T!
Apr 29 - May 1, 2016 Williamsburg, VA Still working out the details, but we plan to be at RavenCon again, which is always a fine time.
Jun 4-6, 2016 Concord, NC Returning again to ConCaronlinas along with our pals Mikey Mason and Valentine Wolfe.

Here’s our favorite music video (for Natural 20)!

And some other favorite performances:


Last Updated 2 Oct 2015