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The Blibbering Humdingers

Tblibbering humdingershe Blibbering Humdingers are a "wizard rock" band from Cary, NC who mostly peform songs about Harry Potter and the wizarding world created by J. K. Rowling. They're also into all kinds of other nerd stuff like Dungeons & Dragons, Doctor Who, medieval history, steampunk, Star Wars, Lego, Ren Faires, SCA, etc.

They play in a wide range of musical styles from old-timey, to 50s do-wop, to 80s new-wave, to straight rock. Most of their songs have a comedic bent, poking fun at characters or situations in he HP books and movies, or turning seemingly innocent situations into lewd ones.

Scott & Kirsten got their start doing wizard rock in 2007. Whilst searching the web for Potter-filks, they discovered Draco & the Malfoys online and shortly thereafter attended a Harry & the Potters show at a local library. After the Deathly Hallows book release that summer, they decided to try their hand at writing some of their own songs. With the online release of "Voldemort Made Me Crap My Pants" the Humdingers were born.

Since then they've played dozens of shows around central NC with the Moaning Myrtles, the Butterbeer Experience, The Whomping Willows, Gred & Forge, Hawthorn & Holly, Tonks & the Aurors, Bella & LeStrangers, and many other touring wizard rock acts. They've performed at various HP and SciFi/Fantasy conventions including Portus, ConCarolinas, LeakyCon, Infinitus, RavenCon, Dragon*Con 2013, Wrockstock, the 2011 Quidditch World Cup, Wrock Wreggies, the NYC Wizard Rock Festival and others. Their songs have been featured on a variety of charity compliations including Sirisuly Smiling, Jingle Spells 3, and Wizards & Muggles Unite for Social Justice vol 3.

Their friends Jackie and Jessie have been known to join the line-up ocaissionally adding drum, banjo, and electirc violin to live sets. And they've been known to borrow musicians from other wrock bands and collaborate with many other performers.

They regularly host wizard rock shows in central North Carolina, often in their home in Cary and are heavily involved in the local fandom scene.


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Performance Schedule:

Date Location Details

Oct 24, 2013


Raleigh, NC NerdVana Burlesque and Variety Show - with Metricula, MikeyMason and many more! Doors open at 9 show starts at 9:30 $5 cover.
Oct 26, 2013 Charlotte, NC 2013 Geek Gala! w/ Mikey Mason and comedy by Mon Frere!
Nov 9-10, 2013 Charleston, SC Atomacon - Charleston's newest sci-fi/fantasy fan convention. Also featuring Valentine Wolfe and the Nefarious Filk Ferrets!
Jan 10-12, 2014 Cary, NC Illogicon - We plan to attend, probably vend and at least do some singing around the place. I mean, it's like 10 minutes from our house, right? Talking to the organizers about doing a show too.
Jan 17-19, 2014 Williamsburg, VA Marscon w/ Mikey Mason, Jonah Knight, Danny Birt and more.
April 4-6 Myrtle Beach, SC TBA
July 11-14, 2014 Winston Salem, NC ConGregate - Brand new hoopdoodle on the NC convention scene and we're playin!
May 23-25 Raleigh, NC Animazement - we plan to vend at this and maybe set up an after-hours show at one of the nearby hotels or bars... stay tuned.
May 21-25, 2015 Laconia, NH MISTI-Con 2015 - We plan to attend, probably vend and do some singing around the place. Maybe we'll get to do a real show too.

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Last Updated 18 October, 2013